Did you know that scheduling interviews is one of the most time-consuming parts of the interview process? This may seem strange, because it is something that we think should take only a couple of minutes, but in truth, merely scheduling the interview is one of the biggest challenges to having a quick and efficient hiring process. Not only does such a simple thing kill the capacity of a recruitment team, it often makes a horrible candidate experience as well. According to industry research by Yello, it takes two thirds of recruiting teams up to 2 hours of work to arrange one interview. This is due to all the back and forth on emails, phone calls, last minute rescheduling and so on. Further research by Glassdoor shows that these lags in communication and last-minute rescheduling add over a week to the typical hiring process. However, there is an easy solution to ending this constant back and forth, speeding up the hiring process and making for a better candidate experience – automate it.

Improve time to hire

Without a doubt one of the biggest drivers to automating the interview scheduling process is the impact it has on time to hire. For any of you that have interacted with a business that uses some sort of calendar booking app or software, you know just how simple it is to use. The app or software plugs directly into a person’s diary, and so a job applicant, or business prospect can simply click the link, view the open slots in a diary and book in one that is convenient for them. There is no need for a series of phone calls or emails to do this. You do not need to wait 24-48 hours for someone to respond to your email with a proposed time. Then by the time they respond, to inform them that as it took 24-48 hours, that time is now not available and propose new times. It is quick, immediate, and allows a candidate to book their interview at 930pm, while in the taxi on the way back from dinner or drinks, or from the comfort of the sofa after they have put the kids to bed.

It’s more cost effective and productive

Did you know that 56% of companies have a dedicated person in their talent acquisition team who is responsible for organising interviews for the company? Most scheduling apps and software are significantly cheaper than a human employee. In addition, unlike the human employee, they do not take breaks, can work 24/7 and can organise hundreds or even thousands of interviews at the same time. In fact, there is an Artificial Intelligence Interview Scheduling bot that I found in Singapore, that can even book a reservation at your favourite coffee shop for a meeting and it only cost a few hundred dollars a month. Significantly cheaper than the minimum few thousand dollars a month that a permanent employee would cost.

Improve talent pipeline

Finally, with the extra capacity freed up, the talent acquisition team can be significantly more productive. From my own internal research done as part of a HR Transformation programme at a previous firm, I found I could free up 1000 hours for our internal Talent Acquisition team, by automating this process. Can you imagine all the extra work the team could do if they got back 1000 hours over the course of the year for a team that make about 200 hires a year? Being as the average working day is 8 hours, that is the equivalent of 125 days’ worth of capacity freed up for an employee. One of the biggest goals of most talent acquisition teams is to build effective pipelines, but the reason this goal is often unmet is because they simply do not have the extra time to be proactive instead of reactive. With an extra 125 days of capacity free in the year, this problem is easily solved.  

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