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3 reasons to automate interview scheduling today

Did you know that scheduling interviews is one of the most time-consuming parts of the interview process? This may seem strange, because it is something that we think should take only a couple of minutes, but in truth, merely scheduling the interview is one of the biggest challenges to having a quick and efficient hiring […]

3 reasons corporate social responsibility is non-negotiable

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR continues to gain prominence within organisations and rightly so. CSR takes many different forms, from huge corporate global programmes and partnerships to small local initiatives. But whether large or small, the overall goal remains the same, to give back to the community that a business serves. This may be via […]

3 ways to ensure performance reviews deliver a good employee experience

Did you know that only 14% of performance reviews leave an employee feeling motivated to perform better? It is impossible to discuss employee experience without having a focus on employee performance. It is so often the performance assessment process that leaves employees disengaged. Research shows that if an employee is fairly paid, is treated well […]

4 signs it’s time to resign

We have all had frustrating days, or even weeks at work. We have all had times when we are not excited by the thought of going into the office. Convinced our manager is just out to make our lives difficult. But when do you know it is serious enough to actual resign? Do you feel […]


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