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5 tips to negotiating a pay rise

While salary should not be the most important thing, it is a contributing factor to your overall satisfaction and engagement at work. Statistics show that 3 years after joining a company, your salary is going to be out of sync with the market. Due to pay increases at year-end review, being on average lower than […]

4 tips to effectively praise employees

Ever wonder why many formal employee recognition programs fail? Its because employees see them as a box ticking exercise that is not authentic. There is no better way to indicate that praise is inauthentic than by having organized praise. It is the exact same reason everyone hates organized company fun. Its all for show and […]

An easy way to get more women to the C-Suite

Why are there not more women leaders? This is something, I have never quite been able to understand, because if you look at it purely from a factual perspective, there should be significantly more female leaders than there are. Let’s focus on the only 2 facts HR and business leaders need to know. The first […]

3 tips to creating a corporate mentorship programme

Employees are happier and more productive when they feel aligned with the purpose of an organisation and actively contributing towards something larger than themselves, as opposed to just doing a job. This is a universal truth that has been confirmed by numerous pieces of research. But what has often been overlooked, is the role mentorship […]


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