Did you know that 70% of companies use social media and online search results to assess potential hires? Whether you knew this statistic or not, let me ask you a follow up question, if you were to Google yourself right now, what would come up? Whether you like it or not, we all have a digital footprint and others will pay attention to is. As a result, it has never been more important to have a strong personal brand. 

What differentiates you?

If you think about this in practical terms, your personal brand should be what sets you apart from the rest. There are literally millions of people who do the exact same thing you do. Your personal brand should demonstrate what you bring to the table that others do not.

Which of these two individuals do you think will be more likely to progress faster in their career? Person A, who has a solid resume and provides good interview answers, or Person B who does this, but can also showcase a series or articles, or videos, or podcasts on issues within their industry and ideas on how to solve them. Its obviously person B.

Build your network

Carrying on the example of Person A and B, which of those do you think are going to receive more career opportunities? Again, the answer is Person B. By building their personal brand and reputation, they are going to end up with a much larger network than Person A. This will mean they also going to end up receiving significantly more career opportunities and offers than Person A. By being seen as someone who can add value in their field, people are going to seek them out for advice, guidance and other requests.

Increase your value

The stronger your personal brand, the more valuable you are. Quite simply, you can demand a higher salary than others in your field. If you have grown your network and have a following. You are going to be invited to speak at industry events, on podcasts and so on. This makes you even more well know within your industry and you de facto become a thought leader. This instantly makes you worth more than others in your field.

Finally, if you can build a strong enough brand with a large enough following, you will no longer need to worry about employment. Those with the strongest brands are able to write books, charge $100,000+ to speak at events and work as independent consultants, solving problems across their industry. 

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