The complexity of choosing a name for your unborn child varies from couple to couple. Some parents to be knew what they wanted their child’s name to be long before the baby was even conceived, while others struggle to come up with one even after the baby has been born. Whilst you have the right to name your child whatever you would like, lets be honest, we have all met at least one person in our lives who has been doomed for life by their parents. If you don’t believe me just google “unfortunate names” and see what comes up. While your probably know its not a good idea to call your kid Hitler Mussolini (FYI there is actually someone on this planet named this and he went viral for the wrong reasons when he did a TV interview in his native Brazil), there are a couple of things you should also keep in mind when it comes to picking out a name.

Your partner hates your grandmother

Ok, maybe not literally, but you need to be prepared for some of the feedback you are going to get when it comes to the suggestions you come up with. You are going to innocently propose something like “I think it would be nice to name the baby after my grandmother if it’s a girl”. This is when you find out that your partner still resents your grandmother / mother / aunt / uncle or whoever else for that one time four years ago when they did that thing and under no circumstances will she allow the baby to be named after them. It could also manifest in other ways, perhaps your family have a tradition of having a certain name for a specific gender, this may be your family tradition but its not hers or vice versa. This can cause a lot of tension, especially if family members get involved, so its important to be diplomatic and manage family expectations.

Original or Stupid?

We live in a world where everyone wants to be unique, woke and/or different. But when it comes to naming your child, you really need to think objectively about the potential ramifications. You may like the idea of calling your son Bridget to challenge gender stereotypes and what not, but that kid is getting made fun of every day in high school. Kids are mean. It also doesn’t matter if your mother is a famous actress and your dad is a famous musician, if you call your kid Apple they are going to get bullied in school. When it comes to thinking about names, run them through that part of your brain that still remembers high school.

Don’t fight for a name your partner hates

Its likely you are going to read through dozens, if not hundreds of names before you pick a name that you both like. The key phrase here is that you BOTH like. You may absolutely love a specific name, but if your partners high school boyfriend cheated on her with a girl with that name, its out. Or maybe the name is of that high school boyfriend that cheated on her, that’s out too. Hell, maybe your partner just hates the fact that there are too many syllables or maybe not enough. No good can come from needing to argue constantly in favour of a name, especially if it is one that your partner really doesn’t like. It doesn’t matter if you think her reasoning is stupid. Let it go. You would not want your daughter to be named after that girl that broke your heart, or that kid that beat you up in high school. Compromise.