As the second trimester comes around, you will begin to notice an increasing number of changes with regard to your partner. She will begin to develop a baby bump and begin to put on some of the weight expected as part of a healthy pregnancy. She does have a baby inside her after all! But this is all pretty standard and also the tip of the iceberg in terms of the effect’s pregnancy will begin to have on her. There are a few other less obvious changes that will happen during the second trimester.

She will start to snore

Has your partner ever complained about your snoring? Maybe after a heavy night out, you passed out while drunk, smelling of beer and a kebab and kept her awake with your snoring. This is where she gets her revenge. As the pregnancy progresses its highly likely she will begin to snore. Loudly. You could get a set of ear plugs or maybe just put your headphones in and listen to a nice relaxing album of some kind. Some people chose to sleep in a different room, but I have never personally been a fan of this. Besides, it can be good practice for when the baby is here, you aren’t going to sleep much then either. Are you just going to go and sleep in another room then as well? There is also a possibility that she may develop insomnia and find it difficult to sleep for a period of time.

Pregnancy Brain

You may have potentially heard of the concept of pregnancy brain. But if you haven’t, the easiest way to describe this is to imagine your partner went to Amsterdam and got very, very high and you then asked her complex mathematical questions. I am exaggerating for effect, but your partner can become very forgetful and find it difficult to focus. The degree of severity fluctuates from person to person, she may just forget to turn of the light switch, or she could potentially forget to turn the car engine off before getting out of it. If your partner keeps on leaving the cooker on for example, this could be a clear sign that you aren’t helping enough around the house and should take over the cooking duties completely for a while. 

Hormones & Heartburn

All of these changes and more are triggered by the ever-increasing amount of chemical and hormonal changes in your partners’ body. This means that in addition to everything else, the second trimester is where you may see an increased number of mood swings. She could be happy, sad, and angry all within a 30-minute period, and all for the same reason. To top it all off, she is likely to get heartburn from foods that she used to be able to eat with no problem. Make sure they get taken off the menu for a while.