Many of us hope and dream of financial independence. But hoping and dreaming on its own will not bring you to your goal. It takes a lot more than that. This is the premise of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill which is without a doubt the bestselling personal development book in the world. It has been around for nearly 100 years and sold over 100 million copies. Despite being almost a century old, its lessons are still incredibly relevant and applicable to those who have a burning desire to make their dreams a reality. So, what can we learn from the book?

Achievement starts with goal setting

Every story of success starts with a person knowing what they want to achieve. So, the first step to success is actually defining what it is you want to achieve. What is the goal? Just doing stuff randomly in the hope of one day getting rich is not the route to success. Success is intentional. Success is often a habit. So, you need to start by deciding what specifically you want to do. Getting rich is not a goal or an achievement, its intangible. Having a business that makes $10m a year is a goal, its specific and tangible and something you can plan for. You also have to understand what you are willing to invest to accomplish it. For example, you may like the idea of having wealth like Elon Musk, but are you prepared to sleep in your office, work 100 hours a week, 7 days a week non-stop? If you only want to work 4 hours a week and watch Netflix the rest of the time, that’s not going to get you to your goal.

Believe in yourself

Self-belief is incredibly important and successful people usually have an unwavering faith in themselves. It’s a key component to making sure you can and will achieve your goals. No one has ever achieved anything great when they did not believe that they could. Our own belief has an enormous influence on our actions. If you do not believe you can achieve something, you are never going to invest fully in to making it a reality and so it will only ever remain a distant fantasy.

Knowledge is power

The acquisition of knowledge is essential to achieving your aims in life. But many people make the mistake of confusing education with knowledge. Just because you have a fancy degree in something does not mean that you have knowledge. A significant proportion of successful people do not have a college degree, and many do not even have a high school diploma. Henry Ford did not even attend high school, but it did not stop him from founding an industrial empire. The same can be said of Richard Branson in the modern day. “Uneducated” people can know a significant amount. Knowledge is about acquiring the right knowledge to achieve your goals and your academic background (or lack thereof) is not a determining factor in your ability to gain in.

Be Persistent

There is no such thing as overnight success. In fact, if you look deeply into the backgrounds of those who are successful you will often see a long history of persistence and endurance. Thomas Edison had over 10,000 failed attempts at creating the lightbulb before he finally got it to work and this is a common tale for those who have achieved success. It does not magically happen overnight. There will be obstacles and difficulties to overcome, but that is the price one must pay to live a life that others can only dream of.

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