Your baby is going to change your entire life. You are going to wonder how something so small can be so expensive as the baby plays havoc with your finances. Say goodbye to your social life for a while and your sex life isn’t going to be the same either. But the baby is going to be affecting your partner more directly and her body is going to change. Her belly is going to get bigger and so are her breasts. This seem pretty obvious right? But her joints and muscles are also going to change, and her internal organs even shift location. This naturally leads to feelings of insecurity.

Tell her she is beautiful

I refuse to believe there is a woman on this planet who would not like to hear the words “Sweetheart, you look beautiful,” from their partner. The words are music to every woman’s ears and would get in you the good books on most occasions. When you combine this with the side effects of pregnancy you are wonderful dad to be. Your partner is likely to have swollen feet, tender breasts, stretch marks, and varicose veins. She is not going to be feeling her best during pregnancy. Add on a near constant feeling of being bloated and she just doesn’t feel beautiful even if she still looks as amazing as she always does. She needs constant reassurance, so make sure you tell her how beautiful she is. Start her day with a compliment and reassure her that you love her more than ever.

Take her shopping

Oh no! Anything but shopping right? But hear me out. The truth is this actually kills two birds with one stone. Not only is it a great way to show your partner how much you appreciate her by taking her shopping and spoiling her with gifts. The truth is you are actually going to have to go shopping anyway. So, you can either get dragged along, because you are going to have to buy things for her and the baby anyway. Or you can get ahead of it, volunteer to take her shopping, make her feel good and get brownie points for it. She is going to need to start buying maternity clothes and you obviously need to buy stuff for the baby anyway. But under no circumstances recommend that you go shopping for maternity clothes. All she is going to hear is that you think she is getting fat. Instead offer to take her out shopping and buy her those earrings she has had her eye on, that purse, that microscope to help with her research, whatever it is. When she agrees, then add on “I guess we could also look at some baby stuff and is there anything pregnancy related you want to have a look at?”. Yes, it is a day of shopping, but it will make her feel better and trust me, its better to get the baby shopping out of the way early, everyone wins.

Pamper her

The truth is there are an almost unlimited way of keeping your pregnant partner smiling through the pregnancy. It all depends on how much effort you are willing to put in. While the big gestures are always well received, it’s often the small but thoughtful gestures that will go a long way to helping her feel loved and appreciated regardless of budget. You can cancel a night with the guys to stay in and watch her favourite movie with her. You can give her a massage. You could run her a bath and just allow her to spend some alone time relaxing in the tub. You could send her flowers to the workplace. You are only limited by your imagination or google search results for ideas. If you really want to go all out, you could arrange a spa weekend. If you are smart about it, you could arrange for the spa weekend to be for her and her best friend or sister. This last point not only wins you extra brownie points with the friends and family, but you also end up with one last free weekend to watch football and drink beer with the guys.