I am going to assume you have heard of morning sickness. It is something that the majority of women experience when they are pregnant. In some cases, it can be so severe that just the smell of your food could result in her throwing up there and then in the kitchen. This is of course, rare. Only about 1 in 250 women get such severe morning sickness, but the majority of pregnant women will experience it to some degree. The other thing to remember, is that although it may be called morning sickness, as some women experience feeling sick in the morning, women can experience this feeling at any time during the day. It will typically last from about the end of the first month through to the end of the first trimester, so about week 12 or 13 of the pregnancy. There are, however, some very unlucky women that experience morning sickness throughout the entire pregnancy and of course some very lucky women, who don’t experience it at all.

Cook for her

So, let’s start with the simplest thing you can do for your partner, help with the cooking. If you are feeling unwell, you want to be taken care of. Your partner is going to be feeling unwell, so take care of her. I am not expecting you to enter MasterChef, but make sure that you cook for her as much as possible. Yes, we all have busy jobs and careers, it’s not an excuse. She is going to be experiencing a double combination of the smell of the food making her nauseous and feeling sick in general. Bland food is often the best, chicken noodle soup, potatoes, plain rice, and nothing with strong smells. Also, make sure that you have some backup snacks, you may cook some lamb because its your partners favourite, but that is now going to change on a weekly basis. I am not a huge fan of toxic masculinity but look this is where you start to man up. Not by drinking beer and talking sports, but by actually stepping up and taking care of your partner and unborn child. It is not her job to cook the food, or your mothers’ job or your sisters’ job to take care of her. You are going to be the father, step up and take care of your family.

Essential Items

Make sure you also have some lemons, ginger, ginger ale, and dry crackers in the house at all times. The lemon and ginger smells help alleviate some of the feelings of sickness. Make her a cup of tea with some lemon and / or ginger if she is feeling unwell. Drinking Ginger Ale is also very helpful for the same reason. The crackers come in handy as it’s a simple snack that won’t trigger her sickness. Its important that she doesn’t miss any meals. So, if she is feeling particularly unwell, even if you have to force feed her a pack of dry crackers and ginger ale, at least she has eaten something. Skipping meals will actually make the morning sickness worse.