In order to achieve your goals, you need to be personally empowered, without it you will never get where you want to go. Quite simply personal empowerment is about taking ownership and control of your own life. Without it, you will always lack control over what you do and how you do it. People with low personal empowerment typically abdicate responsibility for any decisions and think everything is down to luck or external circumstances. Rather than realising that if they want something then then best way to get it, is to make it happen yourself. Those without personal empowerment will often allow others to make decisions for them, whether their spouse, children, friends, managers, colleagues, or others within their circle. It often stems from a lack of confidence in themselves and so it’s easier for them to pass the buck and rely on others to make the decisions for them. However, if you are constantly doing what others say, you can never truly feel fulfilled as you are not pursuing their own goals. But it is possible to break this pattern of behaviour and become empowered. So, how exactly can you do that?

Google it

One of the key reasons that can hold people back from becoming empowered is a lack of confidence. They may want to make things happen, but they honestly have no idea where to begin and it can all seem a bit overwhelming. In the digital age we are bombarded with people flaunting their success and achievement, and so people often wonder how they can possibly compete with them. They all know so much more than us, right? Wrong. The truth is that you can literally Google absolutely anything and get information to help build your knowledge. By having access to this information, a person naturally begins to feel more confident because they now know they can get the answers. The difference between high performers and those who are not, has nothing to do with IQ or natural ability. The truth is those who are high performers take it upon themselves to “figure it out”. You can find out Warren Buffets investment strategy, how to code, how to build rockets, how to make a meal like a famous chef or absolutely anything else at the touch of a few buttons. The easiest way to begin on your journey of personal empowerment and development is to set yourself a goal and then Google “How do I (enter goal here)?”. Start reading and within a short period of time you will be ready to put what you have read in to practice.

Be purposeful with your words

There is an old Samurai proverb that says, “Do not speak bad of yourself, for the warrior within you hears those words and is lessened by them”. The use of language has a significant impact on a person’s self-esteem and feeling of self-worth and empowerment. The use of positive language can be empowering to both themselves and the people with whom they are communicating. Likewise, negative language has the opposite effect. The language a person uses is very much a reflection of their own self-image. There is a huge difference between saying you should, or you could, and you will, or you can. One is passive and can stop someone from taking ownership. The other is more active and implies the person is able to do it and will do it. It is important to choose your words carefully to define yourself, the alternative is that others will define you.