A lot of companies try and find ways to boost their employer brand, they launch social media campaigns, create videos talking about culture and values, and publish stuff on their website. But there is one element that most companies overlook and it’s the most successful one for showcasing a great employer brand. This of course is their own employees. After all, what more authentic endorsement of a workplace can there be, then for actual employees of an organisation to proactively promote how awesome a place their company is to work at.

Authentic Truth

One of the reasons that employee feedback websites such as Glassdoor are so popular is because they provide a more accurate picture of the organisation. A company can control what is put on their own official website or social media channels, but it cannot control what its employees both past and present say about it on their own personal platforms. When your employee is talking to their friends and family about work, they are always going to be honest. An organisation is never going to be able to force its employees to lie to their friends and family. They may implement some sort of draconian policies to ban employees from posting certain things, but those employees will end up quitting and then say it anyway. But, if an employer creates such a wonderful working environment that its employees choose to proactively share how great the company is, the employer wins the employer brand game.

Keep your employees up to date

One of the easiest ways to begin to get your employees to share positive news about the company is to share positive news about the company with them. If there is some cool new product or some amazing new award that the company has won, tell your employees! At their core, all employees want to show off that their company, and by an extension themselves by working at the company, are successful. So, if you provide them with information that allows them to show off a little bit, more often than not, they are going to take that chance.

Create an employee Hashtag

For those of you who are not a millennial or generation Z member, you may be unfamiliar with the phrase “Do it for the Gram”. This essentially means that you do specific things, go to places and so on to take pictures solely to post on Instagram or other social media so you can look cool. It’s a product of a social media culture, where people want to post things, so they look good. By providing an organisation hashtag that is designed to allow people to show off about the cool things that happen at work, you play straight in to the FOMO culture of social media, and provide your employees with an excuse to post.

Organise employee events

If you want your employees to hashtag and post, you of course must give them opportunities to post cool content. If your employee experience is that your employees just sit at their desk for 8 hours a day and then go home, I don’t care who you work for, no one is taking pictures or videos of that. But if you regularly have team get togethers for things like a teammate’s birthday lunch, afterwork drinks, some company social activities, as well as big formal company events such as the company Christmas party, employees are more likely to share.

Run an employee Blog or Vlog

Finally, for those organisations who are really struggling with getting employees to organically share, its quite easy to create a platform to showcase your own employees. The easiest way to do this is to create a section on the company website for a daily or weekly blog or video. In that blog or video, you get one of your employees to share why they enjoy working for the company. This content can then be shared across social media platforms. Even if you are a small company of only ten people, you could ask each of the ten employees 5 questions each and you have enough content to post weekly for an entire year. This content is never going to be trusted by potential new employees as much as authentic content posted on folks personal social media channels. But it will help bridge the gap.

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